-Pitch Black- You Can’t Escape The Dark =”Spoilers” don’t like don’t read=

Pitch Black, it’s a story about a bunch of strangers in  a spaceship that’s on its way to coming crashing down onto a planet with no way off. until they conveniently find an abandoned emergency ship
it starts at the beginning where a comet comes and hits the ship making it go off course and head towards an unknown planet.
and some chick thought she didn’t want to die and so decided that to make the ship more stable ill drop the others off the ship so they could die.
But managed to stabilise the ship enough for most of them not to.

It’s an interesting movie that branches off to otherones relating to the main character persona of Riddick.
best movie made in the year 2000

_______________Important character names______________       Well who I think is important anyway….

  • Richard B. Riddick  he’s the apparent ‘Murderer’ in this story, the supposed bad guy.he is known for being an escaped convict that’s extremely dangerous and can see in the dark. how cool is that, i wish i could see in the dark…..
  • Biorapters (M6-117 Aliens) they are the creatures that are living under the planet, there known for killing anything that they think is food for them, even each other, anything that’s meat. they can only travel in the dark for they literally burn and melt in light from any source.
  • William J. Johns he’s a war veteran and a merc.
    Mercs are short for mercenary, its to long of a word for them to say while on the run so they shortened it.
    another name you could call them are bounty hunters for they hunt down convicts and murderers for the money they could gain. So Johns is a really spineless idiot who will do anything to get what he wants . He was trusted to track down Riddick who before he landed on the planet when he escaped from Slam city. and has been tracking Riddick down ever since. he craves the money he could get from Riddick and so even busting him back out again if the price aint high enough
  • .
  •  Jack B. Badd/Kyra  Jack was first thought as being a boy to the rest of the strangers, of course that was a mistake on her part even though it was a smart one when on the planet in the movie pitch black jack hit womanhood in the most inconvienient time as the bioraptors can sense blood she was basically screwed, but managed well in the end by the help of a crew member and Riddick. Jack is obsessed with Riddick she has a type of hero-worship complex with him. at the start of the movie she shaved her head and found herself a pair of goggles so she could look like Riddick.

of course there are many other characters that I havent listed on the list as there are many in pitch black and the other movies that show Riddick in it.


Is the Internet killing the newspaper?

IS it killing the newspapers??

In march 2009,  Scott Bradner from Network World  reported his views on how he thinks the newspapers are falling out in its day and age.
He had pointed out some facts that in the earlier years that people were more inclined to want to get the juice of the day streight away  rather than later at a scheduled time.
With the way things are now in the present date of 2012, most people rely on the internet or other means to get their news then using the newspapers now  for their conveniences of how fast they can get it and the types of news they would want.

And who wouldn’t go for another way of getting it by going onto a regular and popular site that many friends and strangers go on and put your own opinion of the topic of free of charge?

So do you think the internet is killing the newspapers or is it something else that we havent thought of?

And why even if certain people think the internet is killing the papers do we still have it?
Well because newspapers are more stable than the gossip that we get on the internet, and most of that stuff branch off from the newspapers anyway for people who have no means of technology around them, so what can you do if you don’t have a television or a means to get to internet?

easy, get a satellite phone so you can get it where ever you are.
or don’t be stupid enough to get stranded in the middle of some deserted place with no internet or phone services to get the latest gossips.

having newspapers are more convenient for people who are traveling or has no way of getting the news they are looking for by the usual means and so they would go for the newspapers.

but who knows, not like i can get the gist of it seeing im more on going for the internet way of getting the gossip. Its more convenient

why i chose to do the topic: Is the internet killing the newspapers.

I chose to pick this topic because it is the most simplistic one out of the lot we chose.
It’s also something that i wanted to find out for myself and see other people’s opinions on this and how they feel about it.
my opinion of this is that i think that in the future many people will turn to use the internet or other varies of sources to get their news when new generations come and go with new futures.
its more so because i think that when there is a new generation the old one will fade away and so will their ways on how they see and do things. and that would explain some of the newspaper company’s making other ways to get profit and the way that we are evolving to making new things easier to access.

thats what i think anyway.

my targets are mainly people who use the internet and newspapers to get the gossip from things.

i was trying to make an all round view to say im not with or against newspapers or internet , but am mostly on the internet side of the topics.

some fallacies i used in my blog post are Appeals to authority, strawman, and others…..>:L

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